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Odd Endings

Last night I got up in the middle of the night and wasn’t exactly sure where I was. I assume this is a product of being in so many different places over the course of the last month. In our final 5 weeks abroad, we will have been in 8 different countries. What I found to be odd, was that once I realised where I was (after only a few seconds – the disorientation never lasts), it didn’t feel like home any more. This is just another of the places I will be sleeping for the next little while until I am home. I think being with friends from home has once again made England feel like more of a vacation.

Today, most of us went to our final Sunday carvery, this time at the Dog and Bone near us. We have walked by it easily 200 times and have never gone in, even though Jenn has always wanted to go there with the kids and sit in the beer garden. Brandon stayed home as he is in the final recovery stages of some illness. Jenn assumes it is the same bug that got hold of Shawn and Chiara, but who knows. I just hope the rest of us don’t also come down with it over the course of the next few days – that would most certainly make for a difficult 20 hour return trip to Canada. While there, we toasted to our final carvery, and Nate changed the toast to our final Sunday.

There is still quite a bit to do here before we are officially ready to go, though the most of the major items are all done. We are mostly packed (we did this before going to Ireland really), we never did buy anything we will need to get rid of or sell, and since there is no food storage to speak of, we don’t have lots to eat up. One major item has to do with my taxes. I received a letter (waiting for me in the mail slot when we returned form Ireland) asking me to paper file and upon registering online (as per instructions) I was told my required information would come in the mail in about 1 week – at which point I will of course no longer be in the country. Tomorrow I am going to see if there is somebody I can actually speak to in order to sort this whole mess out. I need to file my English taxes from 2013 – 2014 (even though I wasn’t here for any of that tax year), 2014-2015 (which I have already been audited on), and for 2015-2016 (though they didn’t ask for that, but I don’t want to wait a year to clear that up – I hope to get it done and get a return while we are still here). Should be a great day!

The kids have been talking about being sad to go (which is the same thing they did exactly a year ago), though this time their argument about not seeing their friends again is most likely true. At the same time, they are very excited to go back to Canada and reunite with their old friends. I hope that they fit back in to their old life seamlessly, and if our recent vacation with the O’Keefe family has shown us anything, it is that there is a very good possibility of this happening without a hitch.


Two things you can’t escape…

Maths and Taxes.

As for the former, I guess there is more than one branch of mathematics, so I can kind of understand why it is called maths, but science is not pluralized.. and the three branches are very distinct and are tested separately for the year end exams. Brandon of course has adopted all of the lingo, and calls math  maths.

Nathan is working quite hard practicing his multiplication tables, but I only get to work with him after dinner and by then he is normally tired and not really in the right frame of mind to work. I hope that he soon has them all memorized and he can move on his merry way to more interesting and exciting maths.

I officially signed my contract today, and also found out about back-pay, so my next paycheck should be a decent one (except now I no longer have the accounting firm working with me and so my I won’t be able to claim deductions weekly and my taxes will increase) I guess I’ll have to go through HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and file for a refund at the end of the tax year like regular folk do.

Speaking of taxes, we just received our “Council Tax” letter today. All renters (and presumably property owners) are required to pay council tax. We are now the proud owners of a £156 monthly bill!