My First Day

In case you don’t know, me and my family moved to England for one year.


My first day in England was full of fun things to do. The plane landed today at 10:21, and we were off of the plane pretty quickly. In the airport in Gatwick, we had to go through customs and stuff. The wait was a bit long but not unbearable. We were driven to a b&b (breakfast and bed) where we will be staying for three to who knows how many days. We still have to find a place to rent. We rent a car for a week at noon tomorrow. In England, people drive on the left hand side of the road, and the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the car. It will take a while to get used to that, but I have a year to do it. 

We had fish and chips for dinner tonight. It was delicious! It came with peas and a lemon. I could eat that every night, but just a bit smaller size. When you hear fish and chips, you expect to get fish and chips, and you do get fish and chips, sort of. In England they call French fries chips and they call chips, crisps. So basically I had fish and French fries. Believe it or not, people in England dip their “chips” in Mayonnaise instead of ketchup, and it’s pretty good.

                                See you tomorrow 




In England.

Wow, what a long flight. Brandon slept practically the whole way, but nobody else got any real rest. They don’t make seats for people my size – I’ll probably have bruised knees! And could you hear that family behind us!? That poor mom (and us poor passengers).

Arrived at 10:24 local time – just missed it 🙂

The airport is beautiful.

Cool mural at the airport
Cool mural at the airport

You step out into this beautiful open air pavilion of sorts after weaving through the airport. Doesn’t hurt that it is gorgeous here today. Fun ride to the B&B. Awesome scenery. Kent is really picturesque. Two funny things already happened with the driver Ian: Jenn got the vehicle wrong because she expected him to go in on the left so she thought it must be the next van. And when we got here, he laughed at the bills I used to tip. The £1 and £5 note were both so old they are out of circulation. He actually called a friend to tell him about it laughing.

Now to explore while Jenn takes a nap.

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