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Yesterday it was my birthday.  We went to the bakery and bought everyone a piece of cake.  I chose chocolate cake without a raspberry on top.  When we said it was my birthday, they gave me sugar puffs as a birthday treat.  Sugar puffs are light pastry with sugar bits on top.  After that we bought me a baseball cap with Paris with the Eiffel Tower on it.

When we arrived in Switzerland, we went to a restaurant for my birthday dinner.  In there was an insane amount of flies, but we dealt with it.  In the restaurant there was a really weird man who was saying something in French we couldn’t understand, making really unusual hand gestures, and talking to himself.  Then when we were finished dinner we went to a nearby Carnival and walked around.  There were only 3 or 4 rides, but it was interesting seeing the ride Insider.  The insider is where all the seats spin around, then 4 individual seats spin around, and then the single seat spins the opposite way.  Yikes! My birthday ended with fireworks because it was a national holiday.  I think it was Nathan Levack day.


Today we went to Bern and went to a bear park.  Sadly it was closed due to construction and will be opening in Autumn.  After that we tried some cheese fondue.  I thought it was amazing.  If you want to try it at home, it is melted cheese and you break bread into small pieces and smoother them in cheese with long forks.  Yum!  Then we went to get groceries and we were allowed to pick one chocolate bar, but it had to be Swiss Chocolate.  I chose a strawberry yogurt filled chocolate that seemed very interesting.

Then we went and climbed in the mountains.  I had to stick to the trail though.  Whenever there was a split in the trail, Brandon and me took one way, while the others took the other.  We got to the end of our path, then ran down to the rest of the family.  We were about to turn around at the bathrooms, but we decided to go up a little farther and found some blackberries.  We noticed they went on for about 20 meters.  We picked lots of them and ate them.  The only problem is when there is blackberries, there are ticks.  I had about 12 ticks on me, and each time I found one it was so scary.  It was TICK-MANIA!!

Then we went home and had a little drink with the owner on their patio. Me and Bonez played soccer with a foam ball.



Talk about Tourists

First, we walked to Notre Dame Cathedral.  We were told about the story of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the man who lived up in the bell towers.  We also heard the story of the gargoyle who could become real.  After that, we went the Louvre museum but we didn’t go inside, we only walked on the ingrounds.  The walk there got us to the Arc de Triumph.  We went to the back and saw the statues there.  Then we went to the front and I sketched the front of the arc.  In the middle there was a ceremony of a french soldier who died for his country.  Then we went to the Eiffel Tower.  We got tickets to walk up the stairs.  We went to the first floor, and there was a glass part to walk over just like the CN tower.  The glass made me really scared, but once I jumped on it and was supported I felt fine.  Then on to the second floor.  At the second floor there was an amazing view of Paris.  I found the Arc de Triumph and pointed it out to the whole family.  At first no one could see it.  But once one person saw it, they all saw it.  I was also the first to spot the Eiffel Tower!  The 3 boys went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower and we were 324 metres high.  When you were at the top, you could see a fake Thomas Edison and a fake Gustave Eiffel having a talk about Edison’s new invention.  I was excited that I got to go all the way to the top.  And I’m glad Mom and Dad decided to go to Paris for my birthday!

On the way home in the cab, we saw Napoleon Bonaparte’s Tomb building.  It was a really big dome topped building.  And the dome top was all shimmering gold.  Then we were dropped off right outside our apartment.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to walk an hour to get home.


Mini Youth Games

I’ve been to 9 Mini Youth Games they were all amazing, and these were the ones I went to. I didn’t get to go to soccer because I was at rugby.


-Kwik Cricket




-Ping Pong




Who knew they tasted so good?

Today we got our Dutch ice-cream. I got my flavor before Gargamel did. More SMURF essines. My flavors were smurf and Straccetella.

We also so clogs being made as well as a cheese making explanation.

We went in a windmill that grinded cinnamon and we played a game. The game was you had to smell the spices and then guess what the spice was


A day worth writing about

Today we went to Amsterdam and toured around there all day. We went in a palace and saw the Anne Frank house-sort of-we didn’t see the inside of the Anne Frank house because that line would of taken all day!

The castle was a castle where the King and Queen sometimes stayed. We got the kids tour(me and Clara)and mom got the adult one. In the kid one there was a golden olive branch of peace was stolen by someone so they were going to be executed. We went step by step through the execution an at the last second the real thief put it down so her cousin wouldn’t get executed.A poor girl had stolen it thinking that if she sells it her family will get clothes food and water. But when she realizes that her cousin (who is innocent) is going to be executed, she puts it in the circle of which the people were sitting down praying with there eyes closed. Then she ran away and the man was freed!

The Anne Frank house we only got to see the exterior but we saw where she presumably had to stay and I learned that she died when she was only 16 because of illness.


Wacky Windmills

Today we saw the Dutch windmills! They were moving extremely fast and were humongous. We saw
the inside and they were actually used for pushing the water up-hill.Did you know that?
Then we went to a park where we ate dinner, climbed on the monkey bars, had races, and went to
the play area where there was a slide and a spider climb. We also did flips on a bar.

Today I bought my very own clogs. Clogs are wooden shoes that are carved to fit on your feet. I bought a used pair since it was only €9.95 instead of 14 to 18 Euro for the new pairs. I love my new clogs.


Then we walked back home and me and dad went to a cash machine.The night was hilarious! Clara
climbed across her top bunk onto my top bunk and when I wasn’t looking she yelled BOO! I
jumped. Then everyone was laughing and then I (strangely) gave Clara a highfive!
Then I fell asleep.


List Ticked Off

Today my list was ticked off. We went to Bruges, another old town that was fantastic. We had Belgian chocolate (one part of my list, ticked off). We also had ice-cream. I had Straccetella and Amerena. (another part of my list, ticked off). The last part of my list was the 1900 style fries. They were amazing. Did you know that french fries were invented in Belgium?
That was my day with my list ticked off.

church here, church, churches everywhere!

Today we went from Germany, through the Netherlands/Nederlands, and went to Belgium.Mum wanted to go through the old town and I’m glad she did. There were castles, CHURCHES and much much more.How detailed they were was just insane. How could they be that tall and not have fallen over.We walked all day ate waffles and enjoyed our day in Gent. Me and Brandon played tag at the park and ran about on the playground.Luckily for us we got sand all the way through our shoes. When we walked back I balanced on a stone wall and then shouted “Brandon” he looked and I jumped down attempting to tap his head. Quick reactions let him escape.

IMG_1937 IMG_1927 IMG_1912 IMG_1911 IMG_1904 IMG_1889 IMG_1891GOODBYE:)

Car Ride

Today we went from a little town to a big garage which holds caravans and old trains as houses.  We have one room in the red train.  There is 2 floors and I’ll tell you how we got here.  It was 40 km to get from where we were staying to where we are now.  We took a couple wrong ways, so it was longer.  We stopped in a Bavarian town and walked through it.  We also walked around the outside on the wall and saw sheep, cows, a pig, and donkeys.  On the walk there were these stones that had words on them that were people’s names and where they were from.  3 of them were people from Canada (Winnipeg, Montreal, and Toronto).  The garage is huge!  There is an inside and out.  It holds14 caravans and 2 trains and a hot air balloon.  And there is still a ton of room left.  The train room is the size of our kitchen (which is very small) and fits 6 people.  There are 3 bunks on a side.  Sleeping will be so interesting.


First Day in Deutschland

Hello out there!
Today we arrived in Deutschland(Germany)and went straight to a Bavarian village. Which was epic. In there we had some sausage, potato salad (mine had a good source of protein in it! A mosquito) and we had some desserts as well.
We toured around for a long time. saw everything in that village so then we went to the hotel and got some ice-cream. Mine was the best. Yogurt and Straccetella. Then we had a long chat. Then we went inside to eat. I got fries with fish nuggets. MMmmmmmmm fish nuggets.
Then we came back home literally a hop, and a skip away from the restaurant and I showered. After that B&C messed around with my hair. We were going to do a Mohawk but Dad didn’t let us.