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#1 Day

On July 31, we went to the Louvre. It was hot and sticky in the building.  We went there to look at the famous, the real one, the one and only, Mona Lisa picture.  It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.  I was at the front looking at the picture and one of the security men said Sortie and pointed around to the back of the line, and I didn’t know why.  I went all the way to the back, and came right back to the front ( but it took some time.)  When we were done that, we left the building.  HURRAY.

After the Louvre, we went for a late lunch.  I had scrumptious lasagna.  We finally finished dinner and we went back to the apartment and chillaxed for a little while.  After that we went to a park.  There were people in it, but the person who owned it said it was closed.  So then we were walking home, and decided, you know what?  Since we still have tickets for the Louvre lets go back and see the crown jewels.  I didn’t want to, I said no it’s hot and sticky in there.  Then I gave in, because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s day.


On August 1st, Nathan’s 11th birthday, we left Paris and took the train to Strasbourg.  We went to Avis, rented a car, and just our luck, it’s orange again.  We hopped in, got settled, and drove here to Switzerland.  We got settled into our house, and then we took a walk and fed some cows.  They had bells on, so the farmer could hear them.  We walked down our hill and saw a carnival happening.  Dad said we should check it out later, because we were all starving to death.  We got to the restaurant and flies, flies, flies.  But luckily they had the dish that I liked.  I ordered… chicken nuggets and french fries.  Sounds really unhealthy, it is, but everyone liked them, they were so delicious.  And my drink was Coca-cola.  After dinner we checked out the carnival and looked at all the rides, even though we didn’t go on any.  Went home and went to bed.


On August 2nd (today) we drove to Bern.  It’s a little city.  We were going to a bear park to keep us entertained.  And when I say bear park, I mean the animal bear park.  But it was closed off, they were doing some stupid construction.  they said they were going to be back in Autumn.  But we’re not here then- no fair!  After that we walked to the main street to get something to eat.  We found a really cool store with only actual Swiss Food, not some silly Italian food.  We had fondue for the first time.  It’s just melted cheese that you can dip things in.  Sometimes it’s melted chocolate and sometimes it’s something else.  We dipped bread into ours, and the crust on the bread was hard and made my tooth start to wiggle.  I was wiggling it and wiggling it.  I tried pushing it to one side and it literally shot out of my mouth.  It fell on the ground but I got it.  Don’t worry it’s not broken.  Mom wrapped it in some paper to protect it.  It was a bloody one.  I’m fine, don’t worry.  I’m going to safely wrap it under my pillow, and hopefully I get something for it.



As Soon as We get There…

As soon as we got up out of our very comfortable beds, we ate and left the apartment. We found a bakery and bought a few things and I think my favourite was the chocolate eclair with chocolate filling and chocolate icing. Then we started our day walking down to the Cathedral de Notre Dame. After that, me and dad walked along a famous bridge with all kinds of different key locks on it saying names of people in love that put them there and dates that the locks were put there. We met up with the boys and mom and started heading our way to the Arc de Triumph.

On our way there, there was a humongous building called The Louvre with the real picture of the Mona Lisa in it. We are going in there tomorrow so I’ll tell you all about it then. When we were walking down the Louvre, we saw the Arc de Triumph at the very end. We walked and walked and walked. We finally got there and I was sooo tired I just laid down and looked at some statues. And I might have accidentally hit my arm. We saw the name of Napoleon Bonaparte on the wall of the Arc de Triumph.

We finally decided, and I was really excited for this choice, to go to the Eiffel Tower and it is only our first day in Paris! On our way there, my parents thought it would be a good treat to get us a crepe. There were lots of kinds, but as expected, I chose Nutella. It was cool seeing how they made them. We ate the crepes on the way to the Eiffel Tower. When we got there, we looked around and went “Whoa! This looks way bigger from up close!”. Dad spotted a ticket booth to climb up the Eiffel Tower. I’m glad we got to climb up even though we didn’t take the electric way – like the elevators. The steps made you able to stop when you want and look out the bars at the view. It made your legs ache a lot. With me, since I have a little fear of heights, it gave me small butterflies. When we got to the second floor where our tickets ended me and mom sat down while the boys went up another floor and I was practicing “The Shuffle”. Finally, when the boys got back we climbed all the way down. It seemed less stairs to climb down than it did up. me and Nate went ahead so we could sit on some chairs with chains. Sadly, we left the Eiffel Tower and started to walk home. We sort of couldn’t find our way home so we took a cab.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Dada Day

Today we had an early start because it was fathers day! Today we went to a place called London. The very famous city in England.

First, for the best start we made dad breakfast whilst he was still sleeping so when we brought the breakfast up stairs we would wake him up to a lovely no wait breakfast in bed.

Then for the cards. I was the only person out of the whole family who gave him a card. I amt the only one who loves him.On my card I drew a picture of me and him next to each other and I gave him a milk chocolate bar.

Then we packed our bags and left to the train station to get to London Victoria.

When we got to London, we went and got tickets for the London eye! We boarded the coach 16 and off we went. People describe it so much higher than it actually is. It is pretty big from the outside but when you get stopped at the top it’s not too high.

After that, we went to a replicate of the Globe Theater and it was very similar to the actual building. We took the tour and it was good fun.

Next, we went on a river boat cruse tour and it was my favourite but it was extremely cold.

Lastly, we went to a beer garden and got some french fries whilst dad had a beer and mom had a drink too. That was our day and thanks for taking your time too read this through. BYE BYE


Today was the day. We go back to Germany for our last day of vacation:(. We drove from the Netherlands all the way to Germany! That’s a long way I’ll tell ya! It didn’t seem to far cause we took a break. We stopped in another town! We walked by some more windmills,and we went in one! It was called ‘The Spice Mill’.They were grinding cinnamon. It might not sound that cool but it is! There was a game in the spice mill. It was tricky since I’m not good at my spices. The game was you had to smell (un-named) spices and then guess the spice.The spices were: cinnamon, clove, pepper, nutmeg, ginger and aniseed ( the main ingredient in black licorice).

Back to the car!

The next stop was… ICE-CREAM!!!!! The flavors I got were: Cookie on the top, Chocolate in the middle and a cone instead of a bowl.

That was my day. In the hotel. Be back in England tomorrow. Leaving at 4:30 a.m

Lots of people

Today we went to Amsterdam and we went on the trains to get there. Right now we are living in a big castle. For dinner we all had a cheese burger with fries but dad had something different. after dinner we went to pay and the man who worked there gave the kids a FREE ice cream that was supposed to be 1€ each. In Amsterdam we had pancakes for lunch. We each  got a slice of two different pancakes. The pancakes were huge and thin. The toppings on the pancakes were nutella,banana,coconut and whipped cream. The toppings on the other pancake were bacon,raisins,apple slices and cinnamon.  I liked the first pancake best. Nathan mom and I also went to a place that not very often but sometimes is still used. While Brandon and dad went to the gruesome torture museum. When we were in the palace we got a kids audio guide and it asked you questions and you have to answer them. It was really fun. We had to tap a board every time we wanted to hear the part of the story. At the end of the palace if you had a kids guide than you got a prize of 3 pins and a pencil.

That was my day GOODBYE

The Netherlands

Today we all walked and drived to lots of places and I will list them all.

1.Our first stop was when we stopped at some wildmills.they were not just ordinary windmills they were very old and we went in some.

2. When we went in the first one, it was cool because it had lots of floors and we got to go on them in whatever speed we like and not have to follow a tour guide.when I went on the top floor the windmill started turning and it made a big cracking noise and I jumped but I was on a laddar so it was scary.

3.Then after that we got back in the car and drove off too our next stop.then mom spotted some pretty flowers so we stopped at a place of flowers flowers flowers.

4.Next we came to our hotel called stayokay and all 3 kids get to sleep on a top bunk yay!

5. Then we went to a big park were we had dinner and 7up.We played of course.We have nothing better to do and then we came home at 8:00.

Cartwheel Failure, Cartwheel Success

Today we had breakfast and it was delicious. It was made by my Mother. It was eggs and toast. I had one dunky and sadly one hard egg. I couldn’t finish my toast cause the bread was way too filling. After that I just laid on my bed and played minecraft. After that I had to dry the dishes. And then we left the house and got in the car and drove off.
in the car I played my iPod. When we left the car we went to Bruges and it was another old town. It was way more interesting than the one yesterday. It was more interesting because it looked a bit older, and we had some more waffles and they were cooked perfectly. Today we got our Belgian ice-cream. I got Straccetella and of course I had to try chocolate. The chocolate was good but I could care less on the Staccetella. I think Belgian ice-cream was second best to the world’s best gellatto in Tuscany.
After the ice-cream, we went to meet Dad after his beer tour. After Dad had his beers, we tried the chocolates we had bought as they had started to melt. They tasted great. They tasted way better when you sucked them. We left Bruges and we drove back to Ghent. When we got home, we headed to the park. At the park we had dinner. And I had juice in a big container. I went on the swing and my brothers pushed me. We had a cartwheel show. I, of course, had to come in first because I know how to do cartwheels. Brandon came in second, and sadly Nathan came in last because he flips his feet to the side and not on top.
My favourite part of today was when I got my ice-cream. I guess the day was a success, because it was awesome.

Leaving the Trains

This morning when we left the trains, we got up and went for breakfast.  (Which took a little while).  Once we got to breakfast, they had lots to eat.  At the buffet table they had cereal, nutella, bread, and yogurt.  Since I have a cold, guess what I need lots of?  Vitamin C!  So I had 3 whole glasses of orange juice.  The orange juice was my favourite because it had no pulp.

After breakfast we went back to our train and packed everything.  Then of course Mom had to take a quick little picture.  Then we got in the orange jeep and went.  And our ride was 3 hours long, and I had a big kleenex stash. (Because of my runny nose).  I played on my iPod, had fun, tried to take a nap but it didn’t work, and listened to music until we got to our apartment, which we get the whole bottom floor of.

Mom wanted to go and look at the old part of Ghent.  So we crossed the bridge and there we were.  The old buildings were very pretty.  Mom was checking all the chocolatiers because Belgium is known for it’s chocolate.  After that we stopped at a place for Dad to have some beers.  Dad got a dark brown one which was described as sour, and a light one which had the same name as the store- Omer.  Then we went to get something for the kids- waffles!  When we got in we sat down, but it was very busy so we had to wait to order.  The kinds we got were whip cream and chocolate sauce.  We each got half of both kinds, but not Dad because he already had 2 beers.  To drink me and Nathan had a hot chocolate, and Brandon had a coffee.   My favourite kind was the chocolate, but that waffle was over cooked.  But the whip cream waffle was soft and delicious.  The texture of the chocolate one felt like a rock.

Bye folks!

From Here To There

Today was a long day in the car and our drive was 3 or 4 HOURS long and right now we are living in a train and there are loads of little campers in the building. I found that weird. The train we are staying in is red. I thought you might want to know so I will tell you. The car we have is nice and roomy. It is an… ORANGE JEEP. The jeep reminds me of Aunt Becky’s old JEEP.

In the Village

Hello today we went on an airplane to get to … GERMANY
Today was a long day because we woke up at 3:45 so we could catch our plane which was a bummer.
My brothers and I had some ice cream and my flavour was strawberry!
We got a big place to stay.
Sadly we are only staying for one night.
I am on the top bunk and Nathan is on the bottom.
Brandon has his owm room/bed.
Mom and Dad share a bed and share a room with me and Nathan.
We stopped at a little village however we stopped at the worst time. Heres why.
We got there at a time where the parade has finished without us and we entered at a time were we had to pay 16 Euros.
In the village there weer lots and lots of people dressed up.
Bye Bye see you sometime soon maybe.