Homeward Bound

Well, our year’s adventure is now over.  After a long and tiring day of travel, and a short stop-over in Iceland (with not enough time to leave the airport), we are back on Canadian soil.

What an amazing year we’ve had.  I must take this opportunity to thank Greg for all his pushing to get me to leave my beloved Woodslee.  I left kicking and screaming (figuratively of course) and return home so very happy for all the many wonderful sights and experiences we have now in our memories! Thank you Greg for this priceless gift of our year abroad.

I’ve learned how big and beautiful our world is.  The places we were able to see, and hear, and smell were amazing, each spot unique in it’s own beauty.  And I know even with all the travel we’ve done, we’ve seen just a little, and my appetitte for travel has grown, and if this opportunity comes around again, I may not kick or scream next time.

Having said that, I must say we were all very excited to finally be coming home.  And as much as seeing the world was wonderful, and amazing in so many ways, returning home to friends and family is the best feeling.  No matter how beautiful the scenery, or how great the weather, or how yummy the food, nothing can compare to the love and security of a life with friends and family.  This is the biggest lesson learned for me this year.  Learning to appreciate all the people in my life.

To everyone who was so supportive this year, reading our blog and showing your interest in our experiences, thank you so much.  That feeling of connection made by your comments made all the difference in the world. Now that we are home I can’t wait to see you all.  And be prepared, I want to see you soon, and long, and often!


One thought on “Homeward Bound”

  1. Welcome home!!! I have loved reading all your blogs, and sharing in your adventures from a distance. Can’t wait to hug each and every one of you!! You must drop by for a good long visit, whenever you are settled back in. Love you! Aunt Lynn

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