…It Ends.

We are mostly packed, but stressed a bit about the journey tomorrow, There is much to do in the morning before we leave at 9 a.m. for our 20 hour journey home. Despite the anxiety levels, everybody is in fairly high spirits. We took our final train ride tonight. We went to Rochester one last time  out to the very place we went for our first meal when we moved here. It seemed like a good way to wrap things up and gave us a chance to reflect on the many things we enjoyed during our year abroad. While I am happy to be going home, I am going to miss the spontaneous travel to different countries and the unique lifestyle we have enjoyed this past year.

Thank you to everybody for sharing in our adventure. There are over 750 separate entries collected in this blog, and over 1350 comments, spanning over a time period of one year and one week. We have uploaded about 3 GB of photos to the blog (mostly Jenn), with 20 more GB sitting on the hard drive (also mostly from Jenn). We started this blog as a personal memoir of our times, but it was made so much more special knowing that other people were reading and enjoying it – family, friends and strangers alike.


5 thoughts on “…It Ends.”

  1. The family blogs were the high light of our day! Thanks for sharing your adventure. It was a wonderful way of keeping in touch so we didn’t miss you as much as we would have! See you soon!


  2. Enjoyed reading your blogs everyday. The pictures were absolutely spectacular. It gave us an insight of all the beautiful places elsewhere in this world. Have a safe trip home. We love you.


  3. Mr. Levack,

    I’m not sure if you remember me, but my name is Ray. I was one of your students at at Massey many years ago. (We founded the robotics club together) I was reminiscing about the good times back in high school with some friends and thought of you. On a whim, I decided to google your name and found this blog. It seems like you’ve had a fun year! Anyway I hope things went well on you’re the way home and look forward to hearing from you.

    Ray (Rules!)


    1. Mr. Ouyang, I don’t think I will ever forget you and many of your cohort. We also pioneered that Robotics course if memory serves. I hope you are well! Thanks for getting in touch.


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